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Renewable Energy Services

Our solar solutions include utility-scale Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Public, and Special solutions to address contemporary energy needs.

Our team has all the technical expertise in project management to bring projects to a successful conclusion. We also, provide a suitable maintenance program of such facilities such as automatic PV cleaning.

The objectives of Renewable Energy Service are to reduce fuel consumption and safe our environment from CO2 ... These are the following provided services:

• Photovoltaic system.

• Automatic PV cleaning.

• Solar Street Lighting.

• Solar Water Heating.

• Special solar projects

Our Solar Services will include the following steps:

• Site assessment

• System design

• Material supply

• Installation & commissioning

• Long term maintenance

1. Photovoltaic system Services:

Our partner is an American renewable energy company that develops, produces and delivers the world’s most complete photovoltaic solar energy solutions.

Our Solution:

• Grid Connected Systems

• Hybrid Systems

• Stand-Alone Systems

• Specialized Systems (Carport, Solar Water Pump,...etc)

2. Solar Street Lighting:

Solar Street lighting system is an ideal lighting system for illumination of streets, squares and cross roads located in areas that need uniform distribution of light.


Product Feature​​​​​​​s:

• No trenching, no cabling. One hole, one pole,            and your light are installed.

• Lower installation cost makes the solar street         light›s initial investment the same or lower than    traditional lights

• Free natural power

• Virtually maintenance Free, LED Light fixture           rated 50,000 hours

• Reduced glare, light trespass, and sky glow.

• No light pollution

3. Solar Water Heating

SWH systems are an ideal heating system for all hot water use for residential, industrial, commercial and other applications.


• Residential hot water demand

• Provide hot water for hotels and resorts

• Provide hot water for laboratories, schools and universities

• Provide hot water for restraints, shopping centers and malls


• Free hot water from sun

• Long lifetime comparing to traditional heaters

• Very safe and easy to use

• No pollution

• Feasible and reasonable cost according to life         cycle cost.

• Low maintenance cost

4. Automatic PV cleaning:

Dust and other pollutant affect PV productivity. It may reach a yield loss of up to %25, So we offer suitable maintenance program of PV plants such as automatic PV cleaning Automatic PV cleaning is Designed to be adapted to any type of solar plant.

5. Special solar projects.

We offer designs and installation for any solar application used for educational and researches applications in Universities and Research Centers.