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Electrical Power demand is rising rapidly in the world’s top oil exporter of more than 24 million people, as oil revenues fuel economic expansion in the vast desert state.

 According to experts Power generation capacity in the kingdom needs to grow threefold over the next 25 years to meet future demand. Capacity needs to rise to 115,000 megawatts in 2032, from current capacity or around 49,000 megawatts. Saudi Arabia has embarked on a program to boost the kingdom’s electricity generating capacity, with a huge program to build new power plants and expand existing ones. 

Saudi Arabia’s development plans over the next decade include the construction of whole new cities and a significant expansion of the petrochemical, mining and petroleum industries. Power generation and its related infrastructure form the backbone of the development plans. Moreover, the power industry will serve as a crucial determinant of whether Saudi Arabia will meet its development goals and become one of the top 10 most competitive economies.

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