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Energy Audit Service

The objective of an energy audit or energy analysis is to identify opportunities that will reduce the energy use of a facility. Ourenergy audit will include the following steps

  • Collect and analyze historical energy use.
  • Study the building and its operational characteristics by onsite field measurements.
  • Identify potential solutions that will reduce the energy use and/or cost.
  • Perform an engineering and economic analysis of potential modifications.
  • Prepare a rank-ordered list of appropriate modifications.
  • Prepare a report to document the analysis process and results.

Energy audit will cover the following:

​​​​​​​​​​​​The energy audit will include energy performance assessment of the following utilities/equipment:


  • Lighting system
  • Compressors and Compressed Air Distribution System
  • Boilers / Steam Generators and Steam distribution System
  • HVAC (Chillers, AHUs)
  • Cooling Towers
  • Electrical Motors (blowers, pumps etc.)
  • Electrical Distribution system, Power quality
  • Building Envelope
  • The energy audit will also include Power Logging / Power Quality Analys as Measurement of Power consumption and Power Quality Analysis (including PF, Harmonics etc.)