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Company Profile

DroobTech is a Saudi Owned consulting firm that attempts to bring to the Kingdom the services that are a necessity to all industries to preserve their assets in a very professional cost-effective approach that is practiced Internationally. The services that we are providing our Asset Integrity Management, HSE, and Engineering Services.
​​​​​​​We offer a full range of specialist engineering consultancy services, Corrosion Management Program (CMP) is exclusively developed and​​​tailor-made to match the needs of our increasingly diverse clients within Saudi Arabia and around the world in the energy sector Being a service provider of these services, we are always proactive and keen to listen to the voice of our customers to fully understand their needs. Within the DroobTech, HSE, and Engineering Services, our greatest asset is our qualified and experienced employees who are experts in all engineering disciplines, multi-tasking, highly motivated, and ready to serve our clients and the community we live in. Our main business goal is to help our clients implement effective asset integrity strategies to manage the integrity of their assets by maximizing efficiency, significantly reducing operating costs, and providing the best total lifecycle cost of ownership.
DroobTech approach uses the latest computer aided design, engineering and analysis tools to provide the most reliable, efficient and accurate analysis and specifications. Each one of our principal engineers has more than 20 years of application and "hands on" experience in electrical engineering. Their commitment to constant growth and improvement provides advanced value-added and cost effective solutions for our clients. DroobTech has proven capabilities and experience with highly qualified engineers and designers working in our Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia office. In our long history, we have met, and often exceeded, our client's expectations. With customer satisfaction as our goal, we develop partnerships and provide services to meet client's financial and operational constraints. At DroobTech, our designs begin with conceptual development and continue through construction documentation with full participation of our client, in various stages of the project. Our senior engineers are registered professional engineers and have combined experience of over 75 years.
Our industrial process controls and automation designs typically consist of an extensive application of programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and a variety of Operators Interface Systems such as Wonderware, RSView, Intellution, Panel View and others.
We have had a great deal of success with our designs utilizing these packages. We have experience in laying out plant networks, PLC I/O location, and selection of applicable processors/CPU'S for process automation projects. We develop specific PLC program modules and subroutines that have been tested in the field with a high degree of perfection. We also integrate encoders, bar code readers, analog instruments and motion controllers into new and existing systems. Our power system design capabilities include primary substations, distribution feeders, switchgear, motor control centers and lighting. DroobTech utilizes EDSA power analysis software for power system protective relay coordination and reliability studies. We perform short-circuit, load flow, voltage drop, and harmonic analysis for plant power systems. Our commissioning and startup of projects enable us to be more effective in an operational design approach for our customers. Our standard design package and related specifications provide our customers with complete engineering documentation. We believe that this approach provides the most cost effective project, in the most demanding industries and customer applications.